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Are you tired of sudden power outages disrupting your day in the stunning but unpredictable climate of Far North Queensland? Look no further – Smithy's Air and Electrical is here to keep you comfortably connected. Our specialty lies in providing and installing generator changeover switches, and we offer both automatic and manual options for your convenience.

Cairns electrician expertly installs robust generator changeover switches, ensuring seamless power transition during outages.


We understand the importance of staying powered up in Far North Queensland. Our generator changeover switches are designed to ensure you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the region without worrying about power disruptions. For reliable, top-quality solutions, contact Smithy's Air and Electrical today, and stay connected in Far North Queensland's tropical paradise.

Automatic Convenience

Our automatic generator changeover switches seamlessly transition to your backup power source when the grid fails, ensuring your appliances and comfort are maintained without interruption.

Manual Control

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our manual options give you control over when to switch to backup power, providing peace of mind during power hiccups. Designed and built by our trusted Electricians.

Beyond installation, we offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your generator changeover switch is always ready to perform in Far North Queensland's challenging conditions.



Our seasoned team knows the unique power challenges faced by Far North Queensland residents. With years of experience, we understand the importance of reliable power in this region and ensure you get the best solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We offer the flexibility to choose between automatic and manual generator changeover switches, empowering you to stay in control of your power supply, no matter the weather or circumstances.

Quality Products

We only install top-quality generator changeover switches to withstand the demands of Far North Queensland's tropical climate, ensuring your power remains steady during storms or other disruptions.

Any Budget

Smithy's makes staying connected affordable with our range of generator changeove solutions. We offer options for every budget & preference. Contact today for a free quote!

Stay Powered Up in Far North Queensland with Smithy's Air and Electrical

Far North Queensland's unique weather can play havoc with your power supply. But don't sweat it! At Smithy's Air and Electrical, we've got you covered with our generator changeover switches. Stay chill, stay connected – contact us today and power up with Smithy's in Far North Queensland!

Let SMITHYS  Turn You On!

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