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Certified Smoke Alarm Installation & Servicing Across Cairns

With the installation of smoke alarms in all Cairns properties being a Queensland legislation it is crucial that you not only have a good quality smoke alarm installed but that it is working and compliant with current legislation standards. Only a licensed electrician can connect a 240V smoke alarm that works with electricity to the electricity supply. Our team of fully certified and highly experienced electricians is well-versed in the requirements and correct installation of smoke alarms. If you already have a smoke alarm installed on your property, but it hasn’t been checked in a while, give us a call; we’re also experienced with servicing and repairing them.

smoke alarm installation

Who Can Benefit from Our Smoke Alarm Service in Cairns?

As of 1 January 2022, it became a legal requirement for all leased or sold Queensland dwellings to have a photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarm. The alarm must be either hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10-year battery. Our certified team of electricians caters to every sector, ensuring every property has access to a team qualified to install and maintain smoke alarm systems. We provide services to homeowners and landlords, ensuring the property’s smoke alarm system is cleaned, tested, and repaired (if necessary) at least every 12 months. Whether installing a new system or maintaining an existing one, we will ensure your system remains compliant with the Queensland legislation standards. Should you already have a smoke alarm installed but not be sure if it meets the requirements, we can assess the system and your property and assist with upgrading to the coded specifications.

Reasons to Make Use of Our Electrical Services

Having an early warning of a fire is not just a legal requirement but plays a large role in limiting fire damage and saving lives. Our fully licenced team can ascertain if your existing smoke alarm system is working correctly and is compliant and upgrade or repair it if necessary. We only provide high-quality artistry and endeavour to install the best solutions for all our clients. When you use our skilled team, you will receive professional advice and services, leaving you with peace of mind that your alarm system is in top working order and fully compliant.

Smithys Air & Electrical constantly review the electrical legislative requirements to ensure we remain up to date with all electrical aspects. So, when you use our services, you can be assured that the smoke alarm installation on your Cairns property and its service or repairs will be up to code.

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