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Professional Cairns Electrician efficiently working on a complex electrical panel installation, ensuring top-notch safety and quality standards for a commercial building project.

Rental Property Electrician

Need a Rental Property Electrician In Cairns?

Frustrated with unreliable trades? We have designed our services to make it easier for Property Managers. We offer a prompt, professional service by certified electrical tradesman, highly skilled in all thing's maintenance and installations. We offer COMPLIMENTARY safety checks when already onsite. On time & on the ball. We can help!

Cairns electricians for property managers

Best Rental Property Electrician Service

An important part of owning a rental property is to check that the electrical system is compliant and safe. If you are looking for a rental property electrician, Smithys Air & Electrical has a service aimed at property managers. Our certified electrical tradespeople are skilled in all aspects of installation and maintenance, from repairs to new fixtures or appliances.

Hiring an electrician for property management offers you peace of mind in several important aspects. A functional electrical system prevents electrical problems as your properties will comply with the relevant codes and standards.

A Cairns Electrician engages in the installation of sophisticated electrical wiring systems, ensuring reliability and safety in a modern commercial setting.

Assistance With All Electrical Issues

Fixing small electrical issues saves time and money in the long run and boosts safety by preventing more severe problems. What’s more, our experienced electricians can advise you on all electrical issues so you can make the best decisions to manage your properties effectively. Perhaps the biggest benefit is increased tenant satisfaction and retention to boost your bottom line.

A rental property electrician can oversee the following electrical services:

  • Inspections: Ensure your rental property is safe and up to code.

  • Repairs: Attend to faulty wiring, circuit breakers and outlets.

  • Upgrades: Replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel, for example.

  • Installations: Install ceiling fans, track lighting and smoke alarms.

Add Value to your Properties

When it comes to property management, owners have a myriad of decisions to make and issues to attend to. We are a family-owned and operated local electrical contractor with 15 years experience. Speak to us about making your life easier and add value to your properties.

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>> Air conditioners
>> Kitchen Appliances 
>> Light Switches

>> Power outlets
>> Security Lighting
>> Ceiling Fans

>> Fault finding
>> Switchboards
>> Lighting

>> RCDs Installs & Checks
>> Circuit Breakers
>> Smoke alarms

and much more ...

Property Manager Electrician Cairns - ALL AREAS

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